Mono Hepatitis

Mono Hepatitis :
Mono also known by its nickname is called kissing disease. Mono virus which is in the saliva of a person and can get transferred to the other person through exchange of saliva; it can be through kissing, drinking water in a used glass and other intimate contact. But one has to remember that the person can only get mono if the other person who kissed you or used the glass is already infected from Mononucleosis disease. The disease is a virus like other viruses, it has one of the characteristics that chicken pox or measles had. If a person gets mono and recovers, he gets immune from this disease for his lifetime and by no chance he can have mono or mono hepatitis again.

The name of the virus is The Epstein – Barr virus (EBV). EBV is mostly common in young adult and teenagers. It is usually seen in adolescents with the age span of 15-35 years olds. It usually gets in the body of a person at least 30 days before the infection takes birth. It develops in the person and you can have symptoms somewhat similar to high temperatures. Mononucleosis symptoms include which are apparent from earlier stages and are known as initial symptoms; they include slight headaches in the start, the person starts to feels restless by the days, with mood swings and states of depression, giving you fatigue without any exertion and making you restless.
Mono Hepatitis
In the start you just feel that you have lost your hunger but after 3 to 5 days, the symptoms start to get deeper as the illness starts to get serious. There is high fever in acute symptoms which may jump from 103C to 105C. You can even have swollen body parts which include swollen glands in neck, armpits, groin pain and even sore breasts in females. You can feel body cramps without any exertion and various other muscle aches. Sometimes it is seen that the patient has also shown body rash which may develop in scattered or random parts, and can even be on the whole of the body.

The person who is suffering from mono hepatitis is asked to separate his eating utensils, especially drinking glass and avoid sharing food. A person can be no harm to his friends until he/ she is having a casual contact with them. This does not give any harm to your roommates and even friends.

The severe forms of mono may convert in jaundice and hepatitis. In mono hepatitis the liver has a chance to get inflamed. This results in jaundice on a further stage. Jaundice basically develops when bile duct releases bile in to the blood and person’s eyes, skin color and urine can become more yellow and the rest body parts paler. This can cause vomiting and dehydration as it is a serious form of mononucleosis sickness. Many victims suffering from this infectious mono disease may need hospitalization, but overall mono hepatitis is curable and makes you immune for the lifetime.

Mono Hepatitis
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