Mono Treatment

Mononucleosis is a disease caused by exchange of the saliva. This can be through using same utensils for eating, sharing food, making love and kissing. The name of the virus is EBV which stands for the Epstein – Barr virus, this is a type of virus which any one can get and is transmitted through the above discussed methods. The Mononucleosis virus is related to the agents which causes chicken pox and measles. This is even similar to the type of agent which cause regular sore throats and when it comes to severity like chest infections.

The one difference between the agent of sore throat and mononucleosis is that the sore throat does not develop permanent immune system in your body. While a person who has mono and has recovered from the disease creates permanent immune system and he cannot have this disease again in his lifetime.

Most of the people have this disease at some time of their lives, just the same case with chicken pox. It is often seen the more elder you are when you get infectious mononucleosis disease, more are the chances of severity as the age increases this factor and makes it worse. Some people who get this disease may show worst form of these symptoms even at earlier ages. Rupture of spleen, getting mono hepatitis and later its conversion to jaundice are some serious types of this illness. This cannot be transmitted through casual contact but can be through intimate contact; the person who is suffering from mono disease may separate his eating utensils and stop sharing food and sexual relationships for a while.
Mono Treatment Recovery
The symptoms of mononucleosis are slight headaches in the start but it starts to get severe as the days go by. At first no one realizes about its presence, but later on symptoms start to appear. They also include high fever which can shoot up to 105C, restlessness, fatigue without any exertion. The severity may include vomiting and even dehydration.

The treatment of mono usually includes pain reliefs for the muscle aches and temperatures, bed rest is the main treatment carried out. The person I asked to avoid any type of exertion and other vigorous activities like exercising. Such activities are even not advised at later stages of recovery, this may cause the disease to be born again and cause any further trouble. The patient is asked to take plenty of fluids like fresh juices and water.

Sometimes antibiotics are also suggested for the case of sore throats and steroids are also prescribed for body aches and muscles stiffness. Medicines are mostly prescribed even for the sore glands in neck, armpits and groin usually. Doctors recommend gargles with salt water which may help to relieve throat pain and sore throat mononucleosis. Sometimes medicines for tonsils are also prescribed depending upon the patients. There are no specific medicines for mono as this is the case of all the viruses. Only bed rest is considered the best treatment.

Mono Treatment
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