Mononucleosis Symptoms

Mononucleosis ( Mono Disease ) is no laughing matter, as it’s a viral disease to which there is no cure. The disease itself comes and goes unannounced, and is caused due to the CMV or Cytomegalovirus. There are no great worries as it is not a severe one. Surely anybody can get it ; it’s a kissing disease – even kids.

How does it feel like?
The indications that one has been transmitted with the CMV virus depend on a number of factors that are generally not the same for everybody. After getting the kissing virus you cannot know if you have contracted the disease until a month’s duration at least. Common Mononucleosis Symptoms are listed below :-

  • weakness and fatigue
  • sore throat
  • tonsils
  • swollen glands
  • high fever
  • nausea

Just like typhoid fever, the Mononucleosis Symptoms are not quite apparent. This results in the doctor trying to treat other diseases like sore throat and high fever until they can be written off.
Mononucleosis Symptoms
When do I get cured
When the doctor finally finds out that you indeed suffer from this disease, they will put you on medication to relive you vitamin levels and empower the immune system. Fatigue and drowsiness will continue on for at least a month or so. Guess what you are cursed with a Kissing fever virus for life, as you may get someone else contracted with the disease, you may never know!

Well apparently, the Infectious Mononucleosis cannot be solely contracted by just kissing – I mean that would be just talking stupid. It is basically transmitted through a person’s saliva – which you all know can be present in food in addition to other things. But one thing is clear cut that this viral disease passes on from even a cured individual to the other one.

Do I have Mononucleosis Symptoms ?
As previously stated, the doctor has to rule out other ailments before they are certain you got the kissing disease. A quick way would be to run lab test, but even these are not reliable due to the pending research still to be done on the viral mono disease. The virus itself is anomaly – that means it shows up at one time and at the other it disappears.

Once it is apparent that you have got the Mononucleosis Virus  in your system, there is no better alternative to bed-rest and taking a lot of vitamins. Obviously due to the month long illness, the patient will not be able to go to the job. There is no cure exclusive to the kissing disease, so all you are expected to do is to take general pain and fever medication. If the Mononucleosis Symptoms become much worse, you will have to opt for an aggressive medicine approach. Consulting your doctor may prove to be helpful before deciding to take medicine on your own.

The patient suffering with this mono virus is strictly advised to take maximum rest and avoid lifting heavy objects as it may prove to have a great damage on your health if ignored. A viral disease such as mononucleosis is not a threat to one’s life, but it does oppose a long-term threat to a person who contracts it.

Mononucleosis Symptoms
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