Sore Throat Mono

Sore Throat Mono : Causes and Remedy
Sore Throat is more a regular disease. Anyone can suffer from it time and again. The children have a slight lore tendency to fall ill from a sore throat. This disease is more likely to affect people in the winter season than the summers. Changing weather also enhances the chances of sore throat in many. It is actually an extended inflammation of the pharynx. It is located between the mouth and the voice box in human beings.

It is also an indication of many other diseases from which the individual is likely to be suffering. Cold, flu, respiratory tract illnesses, chickenpox, glandular flu and tonsil all start from a sore throat and the breaking down the immune system of the whole body. Most cases of sore throat heal up with normal medication but in some cases it may develop into a more concerning problem.
sore throat mononucleosis
The commonly noticed causes of sore throat are due to a viral or bacterial infection. Alternatively, cases of the disease in which the person suffers due to some weather changes are also treated. Some of the viral and bacterial causes are discussed below :-
Viral Sore Throat:
Most of the sore throat cases are caused due to viral infections. The numbers of cases filed for sore throat due to virus attack count to about 90% of the total cases of the disease. This is easily communicable disease so mono disease transmission could be very quickly. Coming in contact of an infected person, his coughing, sneezing are the usual reasons for the mono virus spread. A stiff back, headache or body aches and slight fever are the common companions of the disease.

Generally for a viral sore throat, no antibiotics are administered to the patient. It takes around 4 to 6 days to recover with normal medicines. A special virus which is responsible for the ailment is coxsackie virus. This virus is more prone to affect the children. Mononucleosis or sore throat mono or mono is another grievous form of the disease which is caused due to the Epstein-Barr virus. This virus attacks the lymph system in the throat causing inflammation of the in and around the neck.

Bacterial Sore Throat :-
This is the less known form of the sore throat infection. Only 10% of the total cases account for the disease caused due to a bacteria. The much known bacteria causing sore throat belongs to the bacterium group A, Streptococcus. It also gets its name as strep throat on the name of the bacteria. The tonsils swell in this case and cause irritation in the throat. The patient may also suffer from headache, high fever and body aches. Antibiotics are essentially given to those suffering from the bacterial sore throat. The most deadly form of bacterial form of the disease is epiglottis. This infection requires immediate attention else can greatly affect the patient.

The non-infectious sore throat is more caused due to the environmental changes like change in weather or pollution levels. If a person comes in long contact with dry weather, one may start to complain about irritation in the throat which ultimately leads to a sore throat.

Sore Throat Mono
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